The Tools Used by a PCB Designer

As a leading market PCB design firm, we’re equipped to handle most work with an eye on design efficiency and meeting performance objectives. Our team has decades of experience working with the latest tools for high value PCB design work and in this latest post we’ll highlight a few of the tools we utilize in crafting PCBs.

Our CAD Products

CAD tools are one of the leading options utilized by a PCB designer with their work. One of the leading options is the Mentor Graphics PADS, which is used by engineers around the world for the development of the PCB. Another one of the leading options available is Altum Designer, which helps to increase the reliability of PCB designs and helps designers and engineers reduce their costs. Many companies also use DX Designer, which helps to complete schematic capture work. DX Designer offers a full range of support modes for unique schematics, including digital, analog, RF design and mixed signal work.

Auto Routers

We use a full range of auto routers in our work to help maximize the efficiency of our routing systems and drive value in our work as a trusted PCB designer. One of the leading options available is the Allegro PCB router, which is able to autoroute effectively with digital, analog and mixed technology systems. The high-speed design of the auto routers minimizes delays and supports efficiency throughout the design process.

Additional Tools

In completing complex PCB design work a broad range of tools are important to the design process. For example, companies are now using the Web Conference Tool with Interactive Design Placement to streamline communication between distant groups. They can also use the IPC-7351 footprint creator to streamline the creation of PCBs based on the now standard IPC-7351 protocol.

Our experts at MJS Designs are here to help you manage your PCB design requirements. To discover more on our company and the complete range of design services available, call us today!