What is a Printed Circuit Board?

printed circuit board

printed circuit board
You may have heard some talk lately about printed circuit boards. That’s because they are increasingly being used in the new 3D print technology and other new technologies that are still in production. But circuit boards have been around for a long time. They are at the heart of thousands of electronics systems from radios to airplanes to the computer you use as you read this post.

People use printed circuit boards every day in various technologies, but they may never realize what it involves. Printed circuit boards are not difficult to use from the consumer end. But they are a complicated matter for technical engineers.

To understand the importance of printed circuit board design companies, let’s first define what it is.

What is a printed circuit board?

circuit board

A circuit board is created using conductive tracks, pads, and other components that is hard-wired into the system using electronic connections. It is meant to carry an electrical current that instructs the motherboard and other aspects of a computer, radio, car, or any number of a technological component to do what it is supposed to do.


Applications to the Modern Computer

The modern computer consists of a motherboard, several peripherals, and wiring that allows it to do the tasks we expect it to do. Programmers and engineers work in unison to create these computer systems, and they have a variety of components or add-ons that help the user do various functions such as using a mouse, keyboard, printer, or video camera, for example.

To the user, it is a simple process. But for the computer engineer who designed it, it is imperative that all of the parts of circuit board work correctly before installing on the machine.

The printed circuit board is composed of sheet layers made of copper that are usually laminated onto the sheets of non-conductive substrate material.

From Production to Consumer

buy pcbAs mentioned before, for the UX (user experience) to be good, it is imperative that the front end engineering of the circuit boards be the best that it can be. This sometimes involves using reverse engineering. By understanding the way a device works within a system, expert and highly skilled engineers can improve the structure, function, or operation of a board within the system itself.
All the end user cares about is whether the circuit board performs in the way it is supposed to for the tasks they wish to perform. They don’t care about the specific engineering that is done by the manufacturers.

The only time you may hear about what the consumer thinks about your printed circuit boards is when they do not work correctly.

The key to keeping your customers happy with your printed circuit boards is to make sure that you have the best quality board that has the greatest performance, speed, and endurance possible so that the UI and UX of the finished product are superb.

How do you do this?

pcb designYou may have an idea of what you want your PCB to do. You may know how fast you need it to be, the structural aspects, and all of the components that you want to connect to your board. But, as Steve Jobs once said, “There is a quantum leap between a great idea and a marketable product.”
Taking your idea to the next step requires planning, materials, and production facilities. You need to be able to ramp up your operation, too, once you get the PCB in the correct form that you need it to be.

Ramping up involves not only finding a designer and engineer that can create your boards but one that will be able to ramp up your manufacturing capabilities as quickly as possible when you are ready to do so.

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