The Wire versus the Wave

As technology grows and develops at breakneck speeds, manufacturers must be ready for the next advancement within their industries. Wireless technology has been the leading catalyst for modern appliances, communication, and complex electronic devices.  All of which are pioneering a trend towards a tether-free existence. A fair side-by-side of wire vs wireless connections comparison shows many wire-bound applications have the ability to support wireless technology; however is not always the best and most effective solution for every product. Wire versus wireless technology is comparable to a choice of security versus speed, and while this is not always the case due to advancements in wireless encryption software, it is the accepted belief.

Wireless is King

Wireless technology has become the lingua franca, or language used to make communication possible between people who do not share a common language, for the vast majority of electronics manufacturers looking to compete on the leading-edge of advancement. Innovation propels technology like WiFi has opened the doors to myriad applications. Wireless products like the cell phones, tablets, GPS, and routers have spread rapidly across the planet, into regions with few other modern conveniences. Before the Wireless Revolution, mobility and communications were limited by the length of the cord and have progressed to the point where wireless technology rivals cable in speed and performance.

At the rate it is going, it is easy to imagine something such as WiFi connectivity evolving into a super technology, a super hero in its own right.

Wired by Choice

Keeping in mind the fundamental principle of marrying form with function, purpose drives the design of many wire-bound devices. Cables provides a sure transmission of data at cheaper costs than wireless and are still widely used for closed circuit television (CCTV) security systems, applications with high energy loads, and those which receive no benefit from the wireless technology.

Geek note: Did you ever notice that despite warp drives, the blasters and the light speed of technology in the Millennium Falcon and the X-Wing Fighters, Star Wars tech such as microphones and headsets were still wire-fed? Was this an oversight, or a prediction for wires to provide value long into the future? Or was it technology from a long, long, time ago in a Galaxy far, far away . . .