X-Ray Inspection and Technology Commitment at MJS

X-Ray Inspection

X-ray inspection systems are utilized in the printed circuit board assembly industry to inspect solder joints that cannot be visually verified with a microscope or automated optical inspection machine. The increased usage of ball grid array components and other leadless packages in the electronics industry requires quality inspection, which only an X-ray machine can accommodate.

X-Ray Inspection

Stuart Robbins, Senior SMT Technician, with the Quadra™ 3 X-ray inspection machine.

MJS Designs is the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner of choice for many industry leaders, thanks to our Eight Unwavering Standards of Service we provide our customers. When designing and building a project, or repairing, we strive for a higher standard in the testing and inspection process, and dedicate ourselves to being at the forefront of the latest technology.

X-Ray Inspection Systems

One example of the cutting-edge technology we use in projects such as printed circuit board (PCB) design and assembly is the Quadra™ 3 X-ray Inspection system by Nordson DAGE. This system goes beyond optical imaging, allowing MJS Designs to non-destructively inspect components at up to 68,000 times magnification. The Quadra 3 system is state-of-the-art, making it easier to inspect solder joints that cannot be visually inspected, such as ball grid arrays (BGA), ceramic column grid arrays (CCGA), quad-flat no-leads (QFN) and land grid arrays (LGA).

According to new research from Stratistics MRC, the Global X-ray Inspection Systems Technology is expected to reach $1,063.48 million by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 9.5% during the forecast period. The growth is driven by adoption of technology in the food and pharmaceutical industry, and aviation sector and demand for technically advanced systems are the key driving factors for the market growth.

The Quadra 3 X-Ray Inspection System

Nordson, named a key player profiled in the X-ray Inspection Systems Technology report, and its Quadra 3, is vital to the manufacturing and PCB assembly services we provide for our clients as well as being an invaluable tool in our BGA and board repair services. The Quadra 3 allows our staff to see the finest details, thanks to its unique double oblique axis geometry. That means nothing gets missed, even in the smallest or most complex boards and components.

X-Ray Image Archives

We archive every Class 3 X-Ray image taken with the Quadra 3, allowing us to create a comprehensive record of everything we inspect regardless of manufacturing in house, or coming to us for repair. The archived images make it possible for us to set a baseline for new PCB builds, improving our process and overall project speed and quality. And when a client trusts us with BGA and board repair services, each archived image of a board or component makes identifying issues and proceeding with reworking and repairing the board more efficient. The value of the Quadra 3 X-Ray technology and archives allows us to complete new and repair projects properly, while minimizing downtime for the client and providing quality work they know they can count on.

MJS Designs closely follows emerging trends and innovative technologies in electronics manufacturing services (EMS), implementing cutting-edge solutions to deliver the highest quality assembly production and repair services available. Our commitment to bringing world-class resources to our clients means we are ready to take on any challenge, simple or complex, in electronic engineering development and electrical engineering services.

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