Highlighting Hubert Jones’ 10 Years of Stellar Service

Taking a moment to detail a decade of dedication

A surface-mount technology (SMT) technician plays an essential role in the process of printed circuit board (PCB) assembly. These technicians operate SMT equipment to build a large array of complex assemblies for a variety of diverse customers.

As part of their daily responsibilities, SMT technicians set up automated stencil printers, program and load components into pick-and-place machines, and control and monitor reflow ovens. They use these machines to assemble a wide array of circuit boards. It is also common for these technicians to program, troubleshoot and engage in the overall maintenance of the equipment. They also handle the complete SMT assembly of these boards with the automated equipment. Their expertise is vital to a high quality and successful assembly.

It is safe to say that an SMT technician is a key role at MJS Designs, and December 2020 marked a special occasion for one of our technicians: Hubert Jones. We are proud to announce Hubert’s 10thwork anniversary with MJS Designs.

Hubert has over 27 years of experience in the PCB industry, and came to us after having worked for Motorola and General Dynamics, two well-established companies in our industry. He also has experience in cable assembly, automated wave machines and hand soldering.

He currently operates a variety of SMT pick-and-place machines, including the most up-to-date equipment in the industry. Hubert also programs and monitors automated stencil printers and multi-zone reflow ovens.

What started as a leap of faith—applying with the local PCB assembler, MJS Designs—has prospered into a great pairing, and became a stellar career. We consider ourselves fortunate to have had Hubert on our team for the last decade. MJS Designs looks forward to the next decade.