The phrase “Supply Chain Management” is often used as a sweeping term to cover everything from vendor relationships, to purchasing to supplier collaborations.  While it often does include those things, Supply Chain Management is actually the systems used to communicate with a complex network of organizations and people about activities, information and resources, which are directly tied to moving a product or service from a supplier to a customer.

As a Supply Chain Manager and  16 year team member of MJS Designs, Shannon Boysen  is quick to tell you her focus isn’t on managing people, but rather managing a highly defined process, system and protocol for procuring parts, supplies and even packaging for customer projects.

The supply chain network at MJS Designs consists of fully vetted and franchised suppliers.  Franchised suppliers are those that are authorized by the manufacturer to distribute their parts and products for specific uses.  They operate within ISO standards and do not sell excess, discontinued, used or refurbished parts.  Every part that comes from a qualified franchised supplier has a complete chain of custody history and a Certificate of Compliance (CoC).  The CoC provides the information to prove the parts are indeed authentic and from the manufacturer of origin.

Quite often, Shannon is called upon to locate and acquire discontinued or obsolete parts. In these cases, she may use an independent, reputable broker to satisfy the requirements of the project.

Each project that passes through the manufacturing floor at MJS Designs has a BOM (Bill of Materials), simply stated, this is a list of materials that are required to complete the project.  The BOM could include everything from components to packaging.  The BOM is sometimes supplied by the customer and sometimes it is created by MJS Designs based on design schematics.  Either way, the BOM is the starting point for tapping into MJS Designs comprehensive supply chain.

Through an industry exclusive online resource, Shannon begins the process of shopping for the best materials for the customer’s project.  There could be several franchised suppliers who offer the same parts.  Shannon evaluates which supplier has the best pricing and stock availability to meet the deadline and budget requirements of the customer.  She is able to make purchasing judgments based on the last time a particular part was purchased from a specific supplier. If a particular part is coming to the end of its life cycle she is able to recommend substitute parts.

 “We go the extra mile to make sure the customer never gets a surprise. Everything the customer needs to know is included in the quote. We know our suppliers and they know we are committed to producing projects to the highest standards.“ – Shannon Boysen.

Talk to one of the experts at MJS Designs to see how an effective supply chain can make the difference in quality and turn-times for your next project.  Visit to live chat with one of our experts.