Printed Circuit Board CAD Layout

On-time and on-budget— MJS Designs has earned a stellar reputation for precisely designing simple to complex projects.

MJS Designs provides professional design services to all segments of the electronics industry. With close to 40 years of industry experience, we offer the perfect combination of exceptional skills and advanced technology. Our design team excels in many diverse technologies including high speed, high density, digital, RF/Wireless, analog, power supplies and backplane designs.

Whether you supply the schematic or have MJS Designs capture the schematic entry, our highly skilled and certified in-house team consistently delivers an on-schedule and stress free CAD design experience.

Our Advanced, Certified Interconnect Designers (CID+)
adhere to the IPC specifications, including Design for
Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Test (DFT) requirements.
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Powerful & advanced tools combined with highly skilled & certified designers,
create an exceptional design experience.

  • Tools:
  • PCB Layout:
  • Cadence Allegro PCB Editor XL (Expert)
  • Mentor Graphics Xpedition PCB (Expedition)
  • Mentor Graphics PADS Layout
  • Altium Designer

  • Schematic:
  • Cadence Allegro Design Entry HDL (Concept)
  • Cadence Allegro Design Entry CIS (OrCad Capture)
  • Mentor Graphics xDX Designer (DxDesigner)
  • Mentor Graphics PADS Logic
  • Altium Designer

  • Auto Routers:
  • Cadence Allegro PCB Router (Specctra)
  • Mentor Graphics Xpedition PCB Auto Router
  • Mentor Graphics PADS Router (Blaze)
  • Altium Auto Router

  • Design For Excellence (DFX):
  • Valor New Product Integration (NPI)
  • Fabrication Analysis (DFM)
  • Assembly Analysis (DFA)
  • Test Analysis (DFT)
  • Parts Library (VPL)
  • xPCB Fablink / Drawing Editor (Fablink XE)
  • IPC-7351 Footprint Creator

  • Secure Web Conferencing with Live Audio, Video, and Instant Screen Sharing
  • Secure File Transferring
  • Capabilities:
  • Rigid, Rigid-Flex, Flex Designs
  • PCB Footprint Library Support
  • High-Speed Designs, 60 GHz+
  • Backplane and Daughter Cards
  • High-Density Design, Including 2011+ I/O Ball
    Grid Arrays (BGA)
  • Mixed Design
  • Microwave Frequencies
  • Power Supply
  • RF / Wireless
  • VME and other Standard Card Layouts
  • Metal Core
  • Exotic Materials such as Nelco Polyimide & High-Speed, Rogers Ceramic & Duroid, Dupont HK 04, Isola High Temperature, Panasonic Megtron
  • Hybrid Design
  • Motherboards

MJS Designs excels at challenging projects that require rapid design,
allowing you to move seamlessly into your build schedule and accelerate
your time-to-market.

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“We used to outsource each step
of design and circuit board projects. With MJS Designs, everything is done in one convenient location, which means follow-up is easy and efficient.”

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