Account Managers Assure Success

In the simplest terms, companies who assign an experienced Account Manager are committed to the success of a project and providing the customer with direct communication about the status, changes and updates of any given project.

Sonia Suarez is the Account Manager for MJS Designs.

 “It is my responsibility to provide support to the project through every step of the process, not just on the front end.” – Says Sonia, who has been with MJS Designs since 2006.

When breaking down the role of an Account or Project Manager there are numerous benefits to the customer.

Driving the Project

A primary focus of the Account Manager is to drive the project through the process.  It may seem simple enough, but when working with vendors who have dozens if not hundreds of customer projects in production, a project that is waiting on customer feedback can experience undue delays.  The Account Manager makes sure the project doesn’t fall into a “sit and wait” status and keeps the project moving at all times.

Pro-Active Communication

While some customers require daily communication, others might need weekly and some only want to discuss unexpected issues.  An Account Manager’s role is to meet the communication needs of the customer.  An experienced project manager sets up the communication schedule at the beginning of the project and then maintains it, documents communication in the system and verifies the production team understands the customer’s requirements.

In turn, the customer has a single point of contact for all their questions and updates.  The customer never has to “chase” their project through the production stages to find out the status or request changes.  The customer has a go-to person who is committed to the success of the project.

Liaison to the Team

Electronic manufacturing projects have two teams supporting their success –  the customer (those ordering the project) and the manufacturing team (those physically working on the project).  The Account Manager communicates with both teams to assure directions are complete and understood.  The customer contacts the Account Manager if they have a change or question, and the production team also contacts the Account Manager if they are in need of an approval or have a question for the customer.

More Attention to Complex Projects

Not every project is the same in the electronics manufacturing world.  Many projects are complex and have multiple layers or intricacies that require a high level of attention to detail.  The Account Manager is the advocate of the customer.  They give the project the attention it requires and assures the customer is never surprised.

“Once the project is awarded, I contact the customer to give them peace-of-mind that their project will receive my personal attention.” – According to Sonia.

Companies who assign a project and/or account manager are taking a stand for the customer to assure they have a single point of contact and receive the highest level of service and responsiveness.  In the case of MJS Designs, Sonia Suarez is just one of the experts ready to personally manage your project through every step of the process.