10 Unexpected Things We Do to Make Customers Happy

  1. Valor Included with Design Projects!

Electronic manufacturers who have integrated Valor into their scope of services for design are making a clear statement about their commitment to quality and efficiency of their facility and for their customers.

Valor is fully capable of saving copious amounts of time and money by analyzing data early for fabrication, assembly, testability and electrical integrity. Its primary goals are to increase product quality, manufacturing flexibility and responsiveness while reducing costs, time to market, NPI cycles and manufacturing time cycles.

At MJS Designs, we value quality so much, Valor is included in all design projects!

Download the Valor NPI White Paper

  1. On-Site Source Inspection for Viewing or Testing

Many new clients start their relationship with MJS Designs with an on-site tour and presentation of our overall capabilities.  It’s no surprise many industry visitors notice some very intentional details of our state-of-the-art manufacturing lines, and comment on things they were not expecting to find during a site tour. One such item is our on-site, source viewing room.

This is a private room, designed for customers to view, inspect and even test the PCB’s we create for them.  While we have grown dramatically over the past 40+ years, many things remain in place from the early years, such as welcoming customers into our facility and being available to answer questions while they are on site.

  1. MJS Designs Connection Quarterly Newsletter

We see many newsletters in the industry as do most of our clients.  The purpose of our newsletter is not only to keep customers apprised of our latest technologies, but to share our team with customers.  We frequently profile employees to highlight their longevity, training and individual expertise they bring to each project and the various company divisions they represent.

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  1. Free Pick-Up and Delivery for Local Customers

We have always been honored to support local businesses with electronics manufacturing.  If you are in the metro Phoenix area, we are happy to offer free pick-up and delivery.

  1. 100% Solder and AOI Inspection – No-Batch Sampling

Our advanced component technology experience qualifies us to produce even the most challenging board assemblies. In addition, our easily adaptable, automated equipment allows us to give prompt attention to all low to medium volume manufacturing projects.

No matter what the quantity, every PCB is 100% Solder and AOI Inspected. We do not conduct batch sampling. Every board is inspected, every time, on every project.

  1. Inventory Storage at No-Charge

We have many long-term customers who submit repeat orders for a specific PCB or electronic assembly. Whether our competent purchasing team can help save you money by purchasing parts in bulk for your projected needs or if you supply your own parts, we have secured storage to make sure they are available on demand when you need them most.

  1. Investing in Employee Training

For more than four decades, we have believed our standards of service and quality is a product of the team we employ.  From in-house training programs to official certifications, we make sure our team is solid, knowledgeable and experienced.

Our Certifications Include:

MJS Designs Certifications


  1. Dedicated Account Manager

In the simplest terms, companies who assign an experienced Account Manager are committed to the success of a project and providing the customer with direct communication about the status, changes and updates of any given project.

Learn more about our Dedicated Account Managers 

  1. Live Person Answers the Phone

It’s not unusual anywhere in the world today to see companies trying to save money with automated phone systems that often take the caller in circles and end up being frustrating.  We have dedicated staff to answer the phones daily from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm to make sure you know we are ready and available to talk to you about new projects, the status of existing projects or any other question you might have for us.  Being known in the quick-turn electronics design and manufacturing world, means we are quick to answer the phone and direct our callers to the right person as quickly as possible.

  1. Eight Unwavering Standards

These standards are at the heart of our company, our service, and our commitment to embrace and adapt to new technologies.  While customers rarely refer to the standards on our website, the result of those standards is weaved through our 40-year history of listening to customers and growing through providing impeccable quality and high standards of value.

View our Eight Unwavering Standards

We invite you to talk with our experts, schedule a tour or request a presentation to learn more about why MJS Designs remains an industry leader in electronics manufacturing.  Contact us today at 1.800.445.9442 or email our sales team directly at sales@mjsdesigns.com