Quality Ninja or Production Coordinator? You Decide.

Matt Jefferies
Production Coordinator

For a company to have a reputation for quality, recruiting and hiring team members with an innate need to provide quality becomes critical. MJS Designs has turned hiring quality-conscious people into a science.

In 2005, MJS Designs recruited Matt Jefferies. Matt was offered a position in the quality control department, working as an Automated optical inspection (AOI) Programmer, where he was responsible for operating, programming and running the AOI machine and the x-ray machine.

Matt took to the position like an electric current running through a cable.

The quality control department at MJS Designs provides end-to-end assurance that each department’s tasks, from initial quoting through final shipping, are completed with the highest standards to meet the individual job requirements. It was clear within his first few years on the team that Matt had a need to understand quality, ask questions when he saw something unusual and the natural ability to train others to the highest standards.

It was in early in 2016 that Matt assumed the role of Production Coordinator. In this role, Matt also manages all customer supplied inventory. At MJS Designs there is a special area in the facility to manage inventory for customers who just need assembly.  This segregated area assures the inventory is used exclusively for the intended project, and the coding and documentation protects the materials from being used in other projects.

In addition to working directly with customers, Matt also communicates directly with the Account Manager and other departments to assure the customer’s requirements are met during each step of assembly. As Production Coordinator, Matt places a heavy focus on efficiency and making sure equipment and machines are being utilized to maintain a fluid operation, while ensuring every project is being produced with the highest quality. That often means some projects do not run through machines in the order they are received. Scheduling boards and quality inspections is a somewhat complex process, as there are many factors that determine when and how scheduling is determined. Matt established a production coordinator process, which addresses the required balance among the needs of the business, the machine schedules and the ultimate quality of the project.

 “Every project that goes out the door of MJS Designs is completed with the highest standards of quality. That commitment to quality by the company and the individuals on the team is very important to me.” – Matt Jefferies

Matt is also quick to point out that quality is not just about the product. Quality is ingrained in how he communicates with departments and customers, and he even adjusts his communication style for training to assure his team members receive a quality message from him.

The AOI, or automated optical inspection machine provides a visual inspection of the assembled printed circuit board where a camera autonomously scans the device under test for both catastrophic failure (e.g., missing components) and quality defects.

The x-ray machine provides an inspection system that not only is able to “see” through the components, but is also able to provide an internal view of the solder joints. Parameters such as solder thickness, joint sizes and profiles can be undertaken on specific joints on boards.

These two machines are critical in providing the highest level of quality for PCB assembly.

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